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 Football Players Win Injunction in Court, NFL Lockout Lifted
Football Players Win Injunction in Court, NFL Lockout Lifted
NFL players saw the labor fight tip in their favor Monday as a federal judge ordered the league to end its lockout, meaning football will continue while owners and players bicker over how to divide more than $9 billion in annual revenue. picked by B-MoreRavensFan 4 months ago
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4 months ago
1. Donate profits to Japan
2. Claim donation on taxes
3. ???
4. Profit!
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4 months ago
Honestly I was hoping it would cancel the season next year. Kind of bring light to the fact that the pissants are arguing and striking and locking out over more money than everyone on Plime will see in their lifetimes combined. And maybe the people paying enormously overinflated prices for tickets and concessions and souvenirs and parking might just say "Hey guess what? Fuk off!"
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4 months ago
Time for another tax break .
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4 months ago
Yes, it is a bs argument.

As it currently stands, depending on who you ask the players get between 50-60% of total revenue of the NFL.

How much more do the players freaking want? Let them go the expense of owning a team and see what they want to pay players.

What other major corporation pays nearly 60% of total revenue to a certain subset of their employees?

The players have to realize there is a hard limit to how much they can squeeze from the owners just as the owners need to realize there is a hard limit to how much they can squeeze from the public.

For too long professional sports have relied on the deep-pocket fan, ignoring the blue-collar fan. This worked when the economy was flying high. Now, that plan doesn't work so well.

Both sides have to understand that the glory days are over until the cycle turns around again. Players have to give up a token of their millions and millions of dollars. Owners need to lower ticket prices, concession prices, perhaps even a reduction in television rights.
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