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 On the Verge of Bankruptcy, L.A. Dodgers Taken Over by MLB
On the Verge of Bankruptcy, L.A. Dodgers Taken Over by MLB
Today, Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig indicated he had been handed his last straw with regards to Frank McCourt's stewardship of the Dodgers. Selig responded by giving his office control of the Dodgers' operations. picked by B-MoreRavensFan 5 months ago
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5 months ago
From what I've been able to suss out, McCourt claims to "need a loan" to "make payroll". Despite having excellent attendance so far, he claims to not have funds available.

So MLB, wanting to protect the "icon" that is the Dodgers, has taken the team over. Many fans feel it's a VERY GOOD idea, and hope the team will be improved now, instead of being used as a cash cow for the owner(s).
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