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Link to This URL: http:///c.p

Add These Querystring Items
  • u = url
  • c = category
  • h = headline
  • d = description
  • t = tags
Here's an example of how the URL should be formatted for your site:


  • Only the url querystring item is required.
  • Make sure you URL encode each item separately!
  • Keep the headline and description short.
  • Category names will only work if they match the ones in Plime's sidebar (on the left).
  • If you want to use an icon, then you can make your own or use our network icon:


    Here it is:

Not a webmaster, but want to make adding links to plime even easier? Drag this link to your browser's bookmarks bar. You can then click it whenever you are at a page in the future, to add it to plime!
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